Schram: On Blue Angels whining, tolling, DSHS ineptitude

Some quick takes on a few of the issues that are percolating in the public consciousness at the moment.

First, a word to all the people who have emailed me whining about the Blue Angels.

I'm sorry your dogs, cats and cockatiels are traumatized by the roar of the jets; sorrier still that you're such a lousy human companion to your pets that you can't figure out a way to get them through a few hours a year of spectacular fun for the 99 percent of us who enjoy the heck out of them.

A quick word to the penny-wise and pound-foolish folks at the State Department of Transportation.

Take a lesson on how to win friends and influence people.

You could easily have made Seafair traffic more tolerable by offering toll-free trips across the 520 bridge while the I-90 bridge is closed for the Blue Angels.

Sure, it would've cost a few thousand bucks in lost toll revenue but I know DOT has spent more for less than public goodwill in the past.

And finally, to the officials at the Department of Social and Health Services, there's no question in my mind that your policies gave Josh Powell the opportunity to kill his two little boys.

How many more dead bodies must there be before proper and prudent steps are taken to actually protect children?


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