Schram: More on TSA, mayoral mess and Christmas in October

Some quick takes on a trio of issues that shouldn't pass without some additional attention and comment.

Let's begin with TSA.

A woman dying of leukemia says a security pat-down at Sea-Tac airport left her absolutely mortified.

Michelle Dunaj says TSA agents made her lift up her shirt and pulled back bandages to examine feeding tubes; forced open a bag of saline solution and denied her request to taken to a more private area.

TSA officials say security video they've examined contradict the woman's claims, but TSA won't show anyone else the video.

No pun intended, but that's not gonna fly.

TSA owes it to Michelle Dunaj and the public to release that video in order for everyone to see exactly what took place.

Next up - Pacific, Wash., Mayor Cy Sun.

This guy is a political train wreck.

Lawsuits abound, stemming from the mayor's firing of several city employees and from what he's said about some of those he's canned.

Pacific's city attorney says the claims could bankrupt the town.

And now we find out the mayor's been driving a car with Oregon license plates.

Here's hoping the State Patrol will delve into that little detail, which could result in a fine of more than $500.

Finally, a radio station in Yakima is playing nothing but Christmas music from now until Christmas.

The program director deserves to have his chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Have a great weekend.


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