Schram: Change needed in deadline for mail-in ballots

SEATTLE -- Election day is finally upon us. Now it's time to sit back and wait.

And make no mistake, wait we will.

Washington's Secretary of State is projecting that more than 80% of our state's almost 4 million registered voters will be casting ballots. But because those ballots only have to be postmarked on November 6th, it means that an untold number may take days - in some cases even weeks - to arrive and then be counted.

Depending on how tight some of the races are, we could spend the next several days wondering which way things shake out.

It's been a puzzle to many as to why our state continues to drag its feet in respect to moving the election day ballot deadline.

In Oregon for example, ballots have to be received by 8pm on election day which generally means that Oregon voters know the results of the election on election night.

Mail in ballots have proven to be a more cost effective way to vote and it increases voter turnout.

But if we have to sit and wait till the weekend to find out who are next governor is going to be, or find out if marriage equality is going to become law, something needs to change.

And that change should be that ballots be received by 8pm on election day.

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