Schram: A look at black boxes, legal weed, same-sex marriage

As the week comes to an end, what say we take a look at several issues that deserve some attention.

So, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is about to propose that all new cars and light trucks come with data recorders, what we commonly call "black boxes."

While this could be a valuable tool that could lead to safer vehicles, the administration has so far put no limits on how the data information can be used.

Another slice of personal privacy slipping away.

Who faces the dilemma?

Recreational use of marijuana is now legal in our state.

Pot is still on the federal books as illegal.

The state is moving forward in determining how pot will be grown, sold, taxed and distributed.

Federal authorities are laying low and trying to sift through what their reaction should be.

We're leading.

They are following.

The dilemma is theirs.

I still say buy stock in Taco Bell.

Finally, what a remarkable scene to see the hundreds of same-sex couples lining up to register for a marriage license.

How gratifying to see local county governments with a process for marriage equality already in place.

I know a lot of gay couples who find it hard to grasp that marriage equality has actually come to pass, while at the same time celebrating the opportunity to formalize and recognize their love and commitment.

A toast: Happiness to you and to us all.


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