Russell Wilson shows his leadership while mic'd up during Jags game

Though the Seahawks ultimately defeated the Jaguars 17-45 last weekend, 24-year-old Russell Wilson wasn't content with the speed or accuracy of the game.

Wilson, who wore a microphone during the game, urged the cold, wet team to huddle faster, "do it right," and "make the score bigger than this."

In the first half of the game, the Seahawks were only leading by one touchdown, until they scored again in the second quarter. Wilson, who was nominated for Rookie of the Year last year, didn't seem to like the closeness.

"This ain't good enough," he noted.

The young quarterback also made sure to congratulate the team after a particularly slick pass to Zach Miller for a touchdown, and told Tarvaris Jackson, his replacement QB, that his pass in the final quarter was "right on the money."

Wilson ultimately ended the game 14 of 21 for a total of 202 passing yards. In the end, he told reporters that his goal was to win every week, ending with a "Go 'Hawks!"