Rowing Towards a First-of-its-kind-Adventure

People have sailed across the world, but have you ever considered ROWING across an OCEAN?

For Jordan Hanssen, it's about opening your eyes, and taking in an experience not many have had.

Hanssen is president of the group Oar Northwest, and in December, he and three others will take their souped-up row boat across the ocean on what's being called the "Canadian Wildlife Federation Africa to the Americas Expedition."

For the 50-80 day adventure, Hanssen will be joined by local outdoor enthusiast Pat Fleming, olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek, and filmmaker Markus Pukonen. The guys will travel aboard the "James Robert Hanssen," a boat named after Jordan Hanssen's father.

For more on the journey, watch the video above. You can actually meet the crew and see the boat at this week's Boats Afloat Show on Seattle's Lake Union, and you can learn more about the expedition at