Rogue AM/PM worker steals $10K, gives away merchandise

RENTON, Wash. -- Convenience store clerks call it the ultimate inside job. A fellow AM/PM clerk in Renton is accused of stealing $10,000 in cash and merchandise, and it's all caught by surveillance cameras.

Co-workers say Josh Canterbury was the perfect employee, always doing whatever he could to help out. But over the weekend those employees say instead of helping others, Canterbury helped himself to at least $3,200 in cash, plus cigarettes and other goods.

"I'm in shock," said store manager Maria Lane. "I feel like I've been had."

The clerk worked the graveyard shift all alone. Lane told Renton police she believes Canterbury started stealing Friday night, continued Saturday night and then finished up last night/early this morning.

"Just took everything he could," said Lane. "And at some point during his shift last night he decided he was done and he came in with a duffle bag."

And while he's carrying out his three-night heist, employees say the clerk is still carrying on business. They say he taped an "out of order" sign on the card reader so people would pay in cash.

The surveillance video even shows him acting like Santa Claus giving away the store's candy.

All around him the video surveillance cameras are rolling, catching him fully in the act. Every employee knows about the cameras, so why didn't he care? Perhaps because Josh Canterbury probably isn't his real name.

"The police were in this morning and they said he didn't exist," said Lane. "They didn't find him in their database."

After some possible accomplices helped him with the loot the clerk turned out the lights, closed up the store and disappeared into the early morning darkness.

The suspect started working here three months ago claiming to be from Ohio. They're hoping someone recognizes him.