Returning soldier surprises family on Memorial Day

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A Lacey soldier just arrived back home, and he made the homecoming unforgettable by surprising his five sons in an unusual place.

Major Darrell Rasor of the U.S. Army is back on United States soil after spending the last four months in Afghanistan. After landing, his first stop was at the Wave Car Wash in Olympia.

"Just coming home from Afghanistan and I'm gonna surprise the kids. They don't know I'm here," Rasor said. "Nobody knows I'm home, except my wife."

The car wash workers were also in on the secret.

Prior to Rasor's arrival, manager Brett Phillips rehearsed what he would say when the family arrived.

"This is what I'm gonna say: Welcome to the Wave Car Wash. You've been selected as our customers of the day for our Memorial Day celebration," Phillips said.

When Rasor's wife, Adrianna, arrived a short time later with the couple's five sons, Phillips was ready.

"You've won a free wash, a detail and wash," he said.

As the kids ate cupcakes, Rasor jumped into the car so he could surprise them when the car emerged from the wash.

The entire plan stemmed from one of the boys not understanding why his dad was in Afghanistan.

"My 2-year-old thinks I've been (at the car wash) the whole time while I've been away from home," Rasor said.

The surprise went off without a hitch, and the family is once again together.

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