Retailers roll out holiday price-matching policies

The big retail chains have already rolled out their holiday price-matching policies. This year, some will even match Internet sales.

Sounds great, but Edgar Dworsky, founder of, cautions that there are lots of exclusions that could limit your actual savings.

"They've put so many restrictions in place that you may not be able to get a price match at all," he said.

For example, some stores that say they'll match Internet prices only have a specific list of websites they'll match. And they may limit their price match to certain categories, such as just to appliances and electronics.

Best Buy's online price match applies to 20 online stores. For Target, it's only five.

And Dworsky says don't expect any price match for the best shopping days.

"They're not going to do a match on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving week," he said.

Before you go shopping, read and understand the store's price-match policy.

Don't wait too long if you spot a better price. At some stores, the price-match guarantee is only good for seven days. At Home Depot it only applies at the time of purchase.

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