Residents: Burglaries 'out of control' in Seattle neighborhood

SEATTLE - Residents in Seattle's Whittier Heights neighborhood say the burglaries and car prowls are "out of control" - and one family learned Wednesday that even home surveillance won't keep some criminals away.

It was the sound of the garage door opening that awoke Kathy's 24-year-old son.

"He came out here, and the garage door was closed, so he just kind of stood here and looked," says Kathy, who doesn't want her last name disclosed.

Her son went back inside and five minutes later heard the noise again. He alerted his mom but once again - but didn't see anything - that is, until they checked the home surveillance video.

"Went to that black car, checked the door on that car, and then continued to walk to to the corner," says Kathy.

The person in the video appears to be a woman. When she got to the corner, she turned around and headed for Kathy's garage.

"She was either in the car or on the other side of the car being still while he just stood there at the door," says Kathy.

She says the burglar stole papers from the glove box and stacked other items near the door as if she was going to take them.

"We were very fortunate nobody got hurt," she says.

Kathy says an officer reviewed the video at her home. According to Seattle Police Department's neighborhood crime map, there have been more than 50 reported burglaries and car prowls so far this month near Kathy's Whittier Heights home.

Another neighbor, Karen Butler, says her family has also seen their share of crime. Their work van was broken into and packages stolen from the front porch.

"We have installed motion detector lights that go on all the time now - during the night, during the day," she says. "It's just a shame - it's absolutely. It's a shame - it's a shame."

As for Kathy, it was a lesson learned after her family accidentally left the garage door open.

"We're usually pretty good about things. It was just the one night we didn't."