Residents blame narrow Seattle street for string of crashes

SEATTLE - Residents in a Rainier Beach neighborhood say a narrow street is responsible for five crashes in a two-week period.

It can be hard for vehicles to pass each other when cars are parked on both sides of South Bangor Street near 56th Avenue South, says Tom Day.

"This makes the fifth car in two weeks of mine that have been messed up," Day says. "I just bought it. I had it fixed up. I had it sold to a friend of mine for her son's birthday. Someone came up here and hit it (and) pushed it into my Mercedes and messed it up, too."

Two cars hit each other on South Bangor on Thursday as they were traveling in opposite directions.

Rescue crews had to cut the top off of one vehicle to remove the driver inside. He was rushed to the hospital along with the man who was driving the other car.

"Same thing happened two weeks ago. Seems like every other week someone is coming up and down the street speeding and smashing into somebody," resident Robert Michael says.

A KOMO news crew found two cars with body damage parked in the area. Neighbors say they want the problem fixed.