Report: Bachelorette Emily dumped by Arie before fake finale

SEATTLE -- We all watched (and many cried) Sunday night as Emily Maynard gave the final rose to Jef Holm and seemingly broke the heart of Arie Luyendyk Jr in the season finale of ABC's The Bachelorette.

But now In Touch Magazine is reporting the entire thing may have been a sham. The gossip magazine has released a statement in advance of its Friday publication quoting a source that Jef won because Emily didn't have another option.

"In a shocking turn of events that took place off camera before the staged breakup, the source tells In Touch that Arie left the show after learning that the single mom had slept with Jef the night of their fantasy suite date," said the statement.

In Touch Magazine is reportedly set to publish the story detailing claims that while Emily and Arie were sleeping together, Arie apparently didn't know she was sleeping with other men on the show as well. The In Touch source claims when Arie discovered that Emily had slept with Jef he had second thoughts about how well he really knew her.

In Touch Magazine goes on to report:

In an attempt to save Emily from embarrassment, the source says producers contacted Arie and offered him money, a free vacation and a shot at becoming the next Bachelor in exchange for shooting a date scene in which Emily would "dump" him. Though reluctant, "Producers told him, 'You're going to make this look really bad for yourself if you don't come along. You're contractually obligated if we want you there.'"

These new reports are circulating in the blogosphere, on Facebook and on Twitter drawing shocked responses from many fans who are left unsure what to believe about Emily and Jef.

We're told this week's issue of In Touch Magazine will be on newsstands Friday.