Repeat domestic violence offender gets above-max sentence

SEATTLE -- A man with long and disturbing history of domestic violence was sentenced Friday to 30 years in prison for his most recent attack.

Fifty-year-old Roosevelt Reed was convicted earlier this year of a 2012 domestic violence assault that broke five bones in his girlfriend's face, leaving her barely conscious and with hundreds of thousands in medical bills.

The attack happened five months after Reed was released from prison after serving most of a 15-year sentence for a separate domestic violence conviction.

In that attack, Reed smashed another ex-girlfriend's skull with a cinder block.

Court records show he also had a prior conviction for stabbing a different woman in the leg.

Reed looked away as the victim in the current case explained in court how her life was full of physical and mental pain because of her injuries.

Directing her comments at Reed, the woman said, "just because you took my physical smile, Mr. Reed, you did not take my spirit."

Reed faced a maximum sentence of 26 years under state guidelines.

But the judge handed down an exceptional sentence of 30 years because of Reed's domestic violence history.