Renton police searching for 'crybaby robber'

RENTON, Wash. -- Police are searching for a teary-eyed armed robber who they say has terrorized Renton convenience store employees over the past month.

The robber first struck on the afternoon of December 20 at a Shell station in the 400 block of Park Avenue North. Police say a man wearing pajama pants, a homemade gray mask and a gray hoodie walked into the store armed with a silver handgun.

The robber, who police say repeatedly apologized to the clerk during the holdup, demanded money and cigarettes. After getting an undisclosed amount of cash, the man apologized and said his mother had cancer.

Police searched the area with a K9 unit but were unable to locate the robber.

Just ten days later, police say the same man walked into the same Shell station wearing the same jammies and mask. He asked the clerk to get money from the safe, but when the clerk said he couldn't, police say the robber began crying and said his mom had cancer.

During the December 30th robbery, police say the robber used a .22 caliber gun with a long barrel.

A witness told police the robber left the scene in a blue four door compact car that may have been a 2000-2001 Nissan Sentra.

Just three hours later, police say the robber hit an AM/PM in the 200 block of Rainier Avenue. During that robbery, he used a semi-automatic pistol and demanded cash from the clerk before leaving in a blue sedan.

He was wearing gray pajama pants, a black hoodie and a homemade mask around his face. The clerk told police the man spoke with a "nasal twang."

Police describe the robber as a white man in his early 20s who stands 5'3" to 5'6" inches tall.

In a Wednesday press release, Renton police spoke directly to the robber, saying, "If your mom has cancer, we wish her the best - but it doesn't excuse robbing stores!"

Anyone with information about the robber is asked call detective Barfield at (425) 430-7500.