Renton man struggling to rebuild after lightning strike and fire

RENTON, Wash. -- Lighting destroyed Robert Smith's home in July, and the Renton man barely escaped with his life.

Smith lived in the home for more than two decades. He wants to rebuild it, but he said he's having a hard time and needs help.

When the {A href=""}lighting hit on July 13, it threw him across the room and started a fire that completely destroyed his home. It was a home he loved, and although he was facing foreclose at the time, Smith said he was working with his bank to refinance the mortgage.

"When I looked up, they were coming about that far down from the ceiling. And it was just rolling this direction," he said of the lighting.

Smith was knocked out, but his dog, Savannah, bit him until he woke up and both were able to escape.

"From what the fire marshal said, you weren't going to survive," Smith said.

Now he's facing a new dilemma.

"Every time I come in, I find something new," he said of the burned out home. "Makes me sick to my stomach."

Smith got a check from his insurance company to rebuild, but it only pays for the structure. Smith said he's more than $150,000 short of covering the valuables he lost inside.

Smith said it's been tough, but he must remind himself he's lucky to be here. For now, he stays a few nights at a time with family members and friends, but he's hoping he'll be able to rebuild soon.

"There's times at night I don't sleep," he said.

You help Smith rebuild here.