REI statement in regards to Problem Solvers' story on Novara bicycles

The following statement is from REI in response to Our Problem Solvers investigation into their Novara bicycles:

"REI sells tens of thousands of Novara bikes each year. We have a strong public record of proactively acting on safety issues with the products we sell and have worked closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall products that are determined to present a safety hazard to our customers. These actions include public and customer notification and any appropriate follow up. The record of these actions is publicly available.

"Jim's terrible accident more than five years ago was caused when a stick lodged in the front wheel of his bike during a high-speed ride with a pack of cyclists. The bike he rode was not recalled because independent expert analysis confirmed there was no safety issue with the bike and that the damage to the bike was the result of the crash, not its cause. Prior to any dispute with Jim and his family, we shared the results of this analysis in good faith and transparency. Nonetheless, Jim and his family chose to sue REI. The suit was resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

"REI has served the bicycling community for 30 years with passion and integrity, and our products have a reputation for quality and reliability. All Novara bikes meet or exceed all industry safety and quality standards, and we fully stand behind the quality and performance of every Novara bike we sell."

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