Redmond hit with rash of home burglaries

REDMOND, Wash. -- The City of Redmond has been dealing with an epidemic of home burglaries since the first of the year, and police are asking homeowners to be extra vigilant about locking their doors.

More than 40 homes have been burglarized in Redmond this year, and most are being hit in the middle of the day. Police say the daytime burglars don't have the cover of darkness, but they do know that most houses are empty.

"This has been a pretty large increase for the city of Redmond," said Jim Bove of the Redmond Police Department.

Prya Mayooram says her neighborhood is generally safe, but that hasn't stopped criminals from burglarizing four homes in the area.

"It's a very safe neighborhood because we have a trail and there's a lot of people moving back and forth," Mayooram said.

Bove suspects the burglars are feeding drug habits, because in many of the crimes homeowners have reported stolen prescription drugs.

In one recent case, Bove said a homeowners actually saw the bad guy in his house. The victim wasn't home at the time, but happened to be watching the home using a camera on his laptop. The homeowner yelled at the burglar and called 911, but the man ran off with the computer before police arrived.

With so many homes hit, Bove said detectives believe they're dealing with more than one burglary ring. Police are now encouraging residents to keep their doors and windows locked at all times.

"If your doors and windows are locked it's going to make it more difficult for somebody to break in," Bove said. "You want to make it as difficult as possible for somebody to break in."