Records show brakes concern two weeks before fatal bus crash

Concerns about the brakes on a Sound Transit bus were raised just two weeks before it crashed into an SUV - killing a couple from Bellevue.

Bob and Betty Rotta died in Monday's crash in Kirkland.

That night - the bus driver told troopers the brakes didn't work correctly.

Today the "Problem Solvers" obtained the records from the bus' most recent inspection.

The April 26th check by First Transit - which employs the bus driver - noted concern about the bus pulling to the right when the brakes were applied.

But during a 30-minute test drive on May 1, a second mechanic did not experience the bus pulling to the right - so nothing else was done.

Sound Transit points out at this point nothing in the maintenance reports should be considered conclusive of their investigation into the accident.

"To speculate on how it happened without having all the data would be irresponsible and we can't do that,"

In addition to routine maintenance, drivers do their own checklist before their shift.

But the one completed on the day of the crash is still on the bus and will stay there until the State Patrol gets a search warrant.

KOMO also obtained repair records from Community Transit - which Sound Transit contracts out to.

The only significant issue over the last four years was in April 2011 when the brakes on the bus were hard to stop and it failed both tests.

Community Transit blamed slack in the brake line - which was repaired before the bus returned to service.

The State Patrol says its investigation into what happened could take six months.