Recap: Doctor Who celebrates 50 years at the EMP

A fan-filled celebration of an adventure in time and space! Hundreds of Whovians packed the EMP Museum in Seattle for the Doctor Who Celebration. The iconic science fiction television series is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

The BBC's global broadcast of The Day of the Doctor 50th Anniversary special hit the U.S. West Coast around lunchtime so Pacific Northwest Whovians had plenty of time to get their best scarf, bow-tie, fez or stone makeup and journey to the pop culture showcase in Seattle.

An actual Cyberman from the Sylvester McCoy starring Doctor Who era greeted the faithful as they entered the party. A Dalek from the McCoy Remembrance of the Daleks episode lives in the Icons of Science Fiction exhibit. Fans could experience every exhibit in the museum on this special evening.

The big party was in Skychurch as hundreds of fans watched classic episodes and their own fan photos shine across the massive screen above while DJ Dalek Haans mixed dance beats with Whovian signature sounds.

The age-defying Time Lord and series crosses all audiences. The proof was in seeing entire families of multiple generations celebrating in cosplay. You could see tiny Weeping Angels. Young men and women in their coolest Tenth and Eleventh Doctor style while older fans sported the classic hat and scarf of the Fourth Doctor. Matt Smith has said his performance is influenced by the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, so it was a wonderful surprise to see a teenager paying homage to that Time Lord with his cosplay look.

There was an actual roaming Dalek and a spectacular Tardis with optional Weeping Angel for your photo op. The creators of their own Blue Police Box shared the secrets of their creation in one of the panels. Thanks to some inventive designers you could strap on a helmet to explore a virtual reality Tardis, the Doctor's time traveling machine.

Fans united in their love of the Time Lord with Q&A's, Trivia Tournaments, costume contest and vote for their favorite Doctor and Companion. The enduring love for and power of Doctor Who was fantastically on display tonight as hundreds gathered to celebrate his 50th Anniversary. Good thing EMP Museum is just as big on the inside as out!

Thanks to the team of EMP Museum, the BBC and KBTC for creating a "fantastic" celebration for Doctor Who fans of all ages. Keep scrolling more images from the evening's event and to visit to learn about the many pop culture exhibits and how to become a member.

See more photos of the event in our photo gallery.