Q-Thru: Check Out a Faster Check-out

After the big meal tomorrow, you may have plans to do some shopping...and that means LONG LINES at the cash register. But imagine your own, personal EXPRESS LANE.

No lines, no wait. Introducing the "Q-Thru."

The app was developed locally, and QThru Founder Aaron Roberts says the process is pretty simple. You use your smartphone to scan the barcode of each item in your grocery cart. Once you've finished, you step-up to a special QThru checkout screen and scan your smartphone once again. Within seconds, everything is paid for, and you're on your way out the door.

"We've had comments that it's faster or as fast as a self check-out," Roberts tells KOMO.

The QThru technology is currently available at a handful of grocery stores, including The Ridge IGA in Snoqualmie.

You can see how it works by watching the video version of this story above.