Puyallup family's sick little girl dies day after home burns in fire

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- A Puyallup family is beside itself with grief. One day after losing their home and all of their belongings, they lost their child.

Abigail Sayers is the little girl who repeatedly proved doctors wrong. The Puyallup preemie's heart stopped a dozen times, and she's undergone five brain surgeries.

"Just miracle after miracle with this angel," Chris Sayers said.

But this month, the super child who wowed Seahawk Russell Wilson on his rounds, was finally thriving and able to come home from Children's. Abigail even did a little dance in her hospital bed days before discharge.

This was the milestone mom had waited 11 months to see.

"Hold her whenever I wanted, just having my baby home," said Mindie Sayers.

The family prepared their home with medical supplies and oxygen tanks but were not prepared for what happened next. The Sayers suspect a remote control toy near a leaking oxygen tank triggered an explosion.

"Our whole house was engulfed in flames and dark smoke," Mindie Sayers said.

Mindie grabbed her son seconds before the blast.

"Opened up that window, kicked out that screen, kind of threw him through the bush," she said.

The fire destroyed Abigail's new nursery.

"We lost everything," she said.

The family is struggling. Dad is out of work, his car was repossessed.

But there was more to lose. The next day, an alarm sounded by their baby's hospital bed.

"She had a massive cardiac arrest that lasted two hours. She didn't make it through," Mindie Sayers said. "So this is belongings, this is nothing, but my baby is dead now."

Chris Sayers says he's blessed that he had 11 months with Abigail and that his wife saved their son and herself. But she's not feeling like a hero. That's an honor reserved for Abbie.

"She's my hero," Mindie said. "She taught me so much about life, how to fight, how to be strong."

The little girl who beat the odds was coming home for her first birthday. Instead on that day her family is holding a celebration of her young life.

"I know that she is somewhere better and I know that she's not suffering," Mindie said.