Purse-snatching victim, 94, wants century-old photo of her father back

BURIEN -- A 94-year-old victim of a purse-snatching is making a public plea.

The woman is hoping for the return of a precious photo that's older than she is.

Someone stole Gertrude Both's black leather purse with three zippers and a strap from her shopping cart at the Albertson's store in Burien.

"Everything I had in there meant a lot to me. It was just my little keepsakes," she said.

The most precious of those keepsakes was a photograph of Gertrude's father--and it is more than a century old.

Not a copy, but the original.

"He was special to me I adored my father," she said. "For his affection and fairness, but also for his strength."

Otis F. Rowland helped Lafayette College in Pennsylvania win its first football championship in 1896.

The proud daughter flew back to Pennsylvania when they dedicated the press box to him a few years ago.

"I went down on the field and I took that first step on the grass," Both said. "I thought boy, my father played football here 111 years ago. Life is wonderful. It is if you measure your family."

Both is the youngest of four, mother of eight and now has 23 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren.

She endured setbacks, but this one is tough.

"I'm just hoping somebody didn't destroy all that stuff--that it might possibly be there," she said.

She insists she doesn't care about the lost money or checkbook.

But that black and white photo of her dad? She wants it back.

"I know that's a big hope, but I've had lots of big hopes in my life and many of them have come through," Both said.