Prosecutors: Trio used baseball bat to damage 86 cars

TACOMA, Wash. -- Three Pierce County residents were charged Friday with going on a massive, week-long vandalism spree that damaged more than 80 vehicles.

Tyler Graham, 24, Nicole Simons, 22, and James Reynolds, 19, were charged with multiple counts of malicious mischief.

Beginning the first week of November, the trio drove around downtown Puyallup at night and hit parked cars with an aluminum baseball bat, according to prosecutors.

With Graham behind the wheel, Reynolds allegedly hung out of the window and used the bat to smash side mirrors on parked cars and trucks. Prosecutors say Simons sat in the passenger seat and acted as a lookout.

"This was senseless vandalism," Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a news release. "Destroying property like this demonstrates the defendants' lack of respect for their own community."

On November 8, the trio was caught on surveillance video swinging a bat at the window of a pickup truck parked in the Puyallup Eagles lot.

Graham later admitted to the vandalism and told detectives he didn't feel bad about it because most of the car "were old" and hitting them was a "good stress reliever," according to prosecutors.

Bail was set at $50,000 per defendant.