Prosecutors: Teen's abduction, rape solved after new attack

SEATTLE -- An Auburn man accused abducting and raping a 13-year-old girl in 2009 was arrested Monday after prosecutors contend his DNA was recovered from another rape.

Charged in both rapes last month, Otto Kadoma White is alleged to have picked up the girl on a Kent street in September 2009 before raping her in his car. Prosecutors contend White, 52, eluded investigators until July, when he raped a woman hours after meeting her at a Kent bus station.

According to charging papers, White told the second woman his name before he sexually assaulted her at his home. Kent police claim White's DNA was recovered following both crimes.

Describing the 2009 attack, a Kent detective said the 13-year-old was walking near her family's apartment shortly after midnight when a man pulled up next to her. The man grabbed her in a "bear hug" and lifted her into the car.

Speaking at Seattle's Harborview Medical Center following the attack, the girl told police she found herself locked in the car as her abductor drove for 30 minutes before stopping in an empty parking lot. There, she said he threatened to hurt her if she didn't comply.

"Don't do or say anything or I'm gonna punch you," her assailant said, forcing her into the back seat of the car.

Her attacker - since identified by police as White - raped her in the car, and then dropped her at another apartment complex where a resident called 911.

Fluid samples taken following the attack confirmed much of the girl's story, but investigators were unable to identify the man who matched the DNA until July.

On July 4, a woman went to Kent police reporting she'd been raped earlier in the day by a man she barely knew.

According to charging papers, the woman told police she was at the downtown Kent transit center when the struck up a conversation with her. He introduced himself, she said, as Otto White.

The woman needed a place to stay, and White offered his apartment if she was willing to clean it, a Kent detective said in charging papers. She agreed and did so.

Writing the court, the detective said the woman was preparing for bed when White attacked her, tearing at her clothes and threatening to retrieve his gun if she fought him.

The woman later identified White as the man who raped her. DNA recovered during a sexual assault exam matched his, the detective said, and that recovered from the 2009 rape.

White, a construction worker residing most recently in Auburn, has been charged with second-degree child rape in the 2009 incident and third-degree rape in the 2013 incident. He remains jailed on $2 million bail.