Prosecutors: GPS tracker didn't dissuade Seattle child rapist

SEATTLE -- A Burien man already serving a prison term for robbery is now accused of raping a 12-year-old girl at a Seattle park.

King County prosecutors contend Eric E. Turner raped a girl he met on Facebook while facing robbery and burglary charges. Turner, 19, was wearing a tracking anklet during the purported sexual assault.

Writing the court, a Seattle Police detective said Turner was well aware of the girl's age when he arranged to meet her near Pratt Park in the city's Central Area.

The girl later told detectives she expected she might kiss Turner but did not intend to have sex with him.

Once she was in his car, though, Turner pinned the girl down and forced himself on her, the detective told the court. She told police she attempted to push Turner off but could not do so.

Turner later described the girl as a "little sister" and denied having sex with her, the detective told the court. The detective noted that DNA evidence collected by investigators supported the girl's story and refuted Turner's claim that he had never met the girl.

According to charging documents, an GPS monitor strapped to Turner's ankle at the time showed that he was in the area the girl described at the time of the alleged attack.

Turner's court-mandated anklet was one of the conditions of his pre-trial release while he faced robbery and burglary charges in late 2012. Turner ultimately pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree robbery in an attack on two women shopping at a Seattle market; he also admitted to burglarizing a home and selling stolen property.

Having pleaded guilty, Turner was sentenced to 15 months in prison. He had been scheduled to get out in late June, though the new charges will likely delay his release.

Turner has been charged with second-degree child rape. He is currently in state custody and is expected to be returned to King County Jail shortly to enter an initial plea.