Prosecutors file felony charges against 5 people in May Day melee

SEATTLE -- Five suspects linked to the May Day melee in Seattle now face felony charges.

Four of the five are charged with assault and one is facing felony a riot charge. In each case, officers said they felt either threatened or say the protestors were trying to hurt them.

Three of the suspects were in court Monday; the other two are being held in jail. Those in court insisted they did nothing wrong, but police and now the prosecutor's office allege each of the arrested protestors were part of an unpermitted march that moved from Capitol Hill to Downtown Seattle.

Once in the business corridor, rioters threw rocks and bottles at officers and damaged property, police said.

Eight officers were injured that night and court documents reveal one officer has a leg injury after a softball sized rock was thrown at her. The city said it spent $172,000 on police officer staffing and overtime and spent another $10,000 on cleanup.

Raymond Miller, charged with third degree assault, is accused of "violently shoving" an officer. Police say Josh Wollstein, charged with felony rioting, knocked over a garbage can and threw beer bottles from the garbage at police.

Both men insist they did nothing wrong.

"As of my memory, I do not remember doing a crime, pushing, shoving," Miller said. "All I remember is having her hand going across the street."

Wollstein said his goal was "not to smash property or damage capitalist business. Although I think on an ethical level, I think they have it coming, but I don't want to sink to that moral low and I did not."

Wollstein did admit that he may have knocked over a garbage can.

A third defendant, Gabriel Garris, was in court Monday to face charges of assault for allegedly throwing "objects" at police.

The five charged Monday will be back in court later this month for arraignments.

City officials are still determining the damage to property.