Prosecutor: Auburn sex offender stole ex-husband's kids

SEATTLE -- An Auburn sex offender accused of snatching her ex-husband's children and hiding out with her new beau now faces kidnapping-related charges.

In charges filed earlier this month, King County prosecutors claim Kathy Kay Perkins tried to convince her daughters that she and her boyfriend were their "real" parents. Perkins, 42, is alleged to have dyed the children's hair after taking them from the father in Oregon.

A school counselor contacted Auburn police on Oct. 21 after Perkins tried to enroll the girls at Hazelwood Elementary School.

According to charging papers, the counselor became suspicious after the girls told her of several disturbing instances involving Perkins. Police learned warrants for Perkins' arrest were outstanding; convicted in 2004 of a sex offense, she is suspected of failing to register as a sex offender as required by law.

Writing the court, an Auburn detective said Perkins had married the girls' father in Oregon, where they were living.

In March or April 2013, Perkins took the girls and went to California, where she told a court she was their mother while obtaining a restraining order against their father, the detective said in court papers. Perkins then registered the girls in California schools under fake names, the detective continued, while she adopted the last name of whatever man they were living with at the time.

Perkins pulled the girls from school and fled California after police there began investigating, the detective continued.

"The girls would later disclose in an interview that Kathy had told them multiple times that she was their true mother and (their father) was not their real dad," the detective said in charging papers.

The children were removed from Perkins' care after the school counselor contacted police. The detective said Perkins actually attempted to take the girls from Child Protective Services.

Now charged with two counts of custodial interference, Perkins has been known as Kathy Brown, Kathy Hall, Kathy Fox, Kathy Woods, Kathy Johnson and Rios Hall. She is currently listed as a non-compliant on the King County sex offender registry, and has not yet been jailed.