Prone skateboarder rolls under van, is injured

SEATTLE (AP) - A collision between a shuttle van and a 19-year-old skateboarder zooming down a Seattle street on his back sounds like a scene out of a Hollywood action movie.

Police Detective Renee Witt says the skateboarder suffered a possibly broken arm and some minor injuries when he rolled under the turning van at about 5 p.m. Thursday at an intersection and was run over by the right front tire.

Witt says the van driver never saw the skateboarder before he felt the impact and stopped the vehicle.

The spokeswoman says the man was lying feet-first on the skateboard, headed eastbound on a Denny Way sidewalk near Ninth Avenue. Since that portion of Denny has a downhill grade, Witt said in a statement the man was "traveling at a good speed" when he hit the intersection.

The unidentified skateboard rider was taken to a hospital.

Police are investigating.