Problem Solvers intervene to help flooded tenant

SEATTLE - Mary Donald is finally putting her two bedrooms back together and getting her apartment back in shape.

A second flood in three weeks forced her to move her bedroom belongings into her living and dining space and sleep on the sofa. Both bedrooms got soaked during heavy rains, and the walls, floors and wall-to-wall carpets were left soaking wet with standing water.

Despite numerous complaints and phone calls, Mary says she felt the response from the property management company was also all wet, which is why she contacted the Problem Solvers.

"They still haven't done anything to fix the leak. So yeah, the carpet's put back together now in the bedrooms, but I don't want to move all this stuff in there until they fix the problem," Mary said.

One day after the Problem Solver's visited - there appears to be a turnaround. Within hours after our report on the dispute, Mary says she came home to a notice on her door from the management company, Trinity Property Consultants that read: "This letter is to inform you that upon our property inspection today we have scheduled for French drains to be installed around your building."

Mary says until now it's only been sump pumps, dehumidifiers, fans, paint and promises.

"I think it's because they had a little bit of pressure from you being here," Mary said.

According to the notice, Trinity Property Consultants will start the French drain installation right away, and complete the job by Tuesday. Mary says she's cautiously optimistic, but won't really rest until after the next big rain.

Trinity's Executive Vice President, David Seiler told KOMO News by phone Thursday that the company had already been in contact with plumbing and engineering contractors, with every intention of ensuring nothing was wrong with the building or the property.

Mary is still negotiating with the company for her legal right to fair compensation for the extended loss of use of her rooms during the two flooding incidents in September.