Police: Victim outsmarts would-be carjacker

SEATTLE -- Police say a would-be carjacker was outsmarted by his potential victim Saturday night in Seattle.

A driver for a roadside service company was sitting inside his pickup in a parking lot at Virginia Street and Boren Avenue just after 8 p.m. when he said a stranger walked over to his truck.

The stranger opened the door and put his hand over the victim's mouth. Police say the attacker then began hitting the driver in the arm while telling him to leave the keys inside and get out of the truck.

The driver struggled to get the attacker's hand off his mouth, and when he eventually did, he convinced the man to back up so he could get out of the truck. When the would-be carjacker backed up, the victim closed and locked his door.

That move didn't sit well with the carjacker who, according to police, began frantically pounding on the truck's window.

The victim drove away, but stayed close enough to keep an eye on the attacker, who began going from car to car to see if any doors were unlocked. The thief then left the area on foot, but the driver followed him in his truck while calling 911.

Patrol units arrived moments later and arrested the attacker. He was booked into King County Jail for investigation of second degree robbery.

The victim was treated for minor cuts on his arm.