Police: Vandals spree leaves nearly 50 cars smashed in Puyallup

PUYALLUP, Wash. - Police still don't know who's behind a wild vandalism spree in Puyallup, but say no car seems to be safe or off-limits.

Puyallup police believe the spree started Wednesday night, after dozens of reports of smashed car windows and mirrors came flooding in.

Witnesses report seeing a man hanging out the rear window of a red four-door car, and smashing parked cars with a pipe or bat as they drove down the street.

Frustrated college student Sydnie Castillo recently had her mirror shattered, and police say she's one of nearly 50 victims whose cars have been vandalized.

"Why is someone doing this? What do you get out of damaging someone else's property?" she asked.

Police say the case is difficult to crack, because by the time victims realize their car has been damaged, the suspects are long gone.

"It is very fast, because they're taking a swing, knocking these things out," Pierce County police said.

With multiple suspects on the loose, possibly circling neighborhoods throughout Puyallup, neighbors hope the police can catch them soon.