Police: upset customer threatened to kill Mukilteo dry cleaner

MUKILTEO, Wash. -- A bizarre dispute over dry cleaning landed a Mukilteo man in jail earlier this week.

Police say a woman called 911 on Tuesday because she was upset with how her pants were altered at Light House Cleaners in Mukilteo.

As if that wasn't enough, police then arrested the woman's husband when he allegedly threatened to kill the shop owners.

Investigators say it all started when John Bolger's wife called 911 to complain about the way her clothes were altered and the fact she wasn't getting a refund.

Police say she also called her husband, who allegedly drove to the shop armed with a hammer or pry bar. Once inside, detectives say Bolger locked the doors, held the tool about his head and threatened to kill the owners if they didn't give him a refund.

The victim opened the cash register, handed the suspect $22, and had him sign a receipt for the cash, according to police.

In an emailed statement, Bolger tells a very different story, saying he didn't threaten anyone.

"Also, for the record, I did NOT threaten ANYBODY'S life, nor did I HOLD anybody, or lock anybody up, nor IMPRISON anybody," he said in the email.

Bolger said he and his wife plan to sue the cleaners due to the "stress and agony caused to us ... and the cost of my wife's medical bills since she is having to go to the doctors now to deal with the constant headaches she has been experiencing ever since she found out how badly the cleaners messed up her garments."

One of the shop owners said she's still shaken by Tuesday's events.

Bolger remains free on his own recognizance, but he's facing charges of robbery and imprisonment. Records show he was convicted of assault in 2003.

The Better Business Bureau has only one complaint against the cleaners, dating back to 2002.