Police searching for accused home-invasion robber

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- Police are on the hunt for a convicted felon accused of taking part in a violent home-invasion robbery in Federal Way.

Police say 42-year-old Robert Gene Chapman and two others brutally beat and robbed an elderly Federal Way man on the morning of June 5.

The homeowner told police he heard a knock on his door at about 8 a.m. When he opened it, he found three strangers on his doorstep. One of the men told the victim he was a handyman and asked if there was any work around the house he could do.

When the victim said there was not, the man asked if he could come inside to use the phone, according to court documents.

The victim agreed, but told the trio to wait outside while he grabbed the phone from his bedroom. As soon as he started toward the bedroom, the trio burst through the door and attacked him, according to police.

One of the robbers threw the victim to the ground while another stomped on his head and sprayed black paint into his eyes, police say.

The robbers then spent 20 to 30 minutes ransacking the home before leaving with 5 firearms, precious rocks, checks and roughly $22,000 in cash. They also stole several pieces of jewelry, including a wedding ring that belonged to the victim's deceased wife, according to police.

After weeks of investigating the case, police arrested 30-year old Tiffany Barton and 54-year-old Jerry King last week in Fife. Chapman, who police believe to be the third robber, is still on the loose.

Police say Chapman last lived in Pierce County, but is currently homeless. He stands 6-feet tall and weighs roughly 280 pounds.

Anyone with information about Chapman's whereabouts is asked to call the police.