Police search for arsonist who torched Everett playground

EVERETT, Wash. -- Police are looking for whoever set a children's playground in Everett on fire this weekend.

The fire destroyed two slides and a rope swing at Garfield Park on Sunday, and on Monday, crime scene tape surrounded the jungle gym as wafts of burnt plastic floated through the air.

"It's sad because we're wondering what we're going to do this summer," said Heather Yonker. "This is (my daughter's) favorite park."

Yonker picked up her daughter from school Monday, then drove here to see the damage herself.

"My daughter was crying -- she was upset," Yonker said. "She wants to come down here everyday."

Fire investigators say somebody torched the playground. All that's left is a few green and blue melted blobs.

But, while the damage runs around $10,000, for parents like Bruce Thomassen and his sons Gavin and Austin, it's a much greater loss than that.

Thomassen says it's the only place in the around for families and friends to watch their kids laugh and play.

"It's a nice neighborhood with a nice park and we don't have a nice park anymore," he said.

And the news only gets worse because city officials say they're going to have to keep this part of the park closed. They're also researching if they can even replace the jungle gym or if they'll have to remove it for good.

Everett police say they questioned several older juveniles right after the fire but so far there have been no arrests.