Police: Officers have hands full with suspect high on PCP

SEATTLE -- A man high on PCP gave officers all they could handle Monday afternoon, first fleeing from and fighting with officers after a reported robbery downtown then attempting to escape out a Harborview emergency exit, according to the Seattle Police Department.

Two bicycle officers spotted the suspect smoking marijuana just before noon at the corner of Second Avenue and Yesler Way. They were about to inform the suspect he still is not allowed to smoke pot in public when another man ran up and told officers the suspect had just stolen $20 from him.

According to the police, the suspect took off running, and officers caught up with him outside the Union Gospel Mission.

The man pushed and hit officers in the head and face and tried to grab one of the officer's Tasers when the officer tried to use it, according to police.

"The suspect put up quite a fight, pushing, pulling and kicking several officers after they arrived at the scene to help arrest the suspect," Det. Mark Jamieson said in a press release.

Once officers had the suspect under control, they learned he was under Department of Corrections supervision, which his possession of marijuana put him in violation of. Oh, and he was also high on PCP, according to police.

Officers took the suspect to Harborview Medical Center for treatment prior to jail, and he tried to escape out an emergency exit, according to police.

It took police, hospital security and Washington State Patrol troopers to get the suspect under control.

He was booked into King County Jail for investigation of assault, investigation of drug possession and violation of his Department of Corrections supervision.

To paraphrase the Beastie Boys: All the police officers were making a fuss, but he couldn't pay attention cause he was (allegedly) on that dust.