Police nab prolific 'Jimmy Buffett Bandit'

SEATTLE -- Police believe they've nabbed the prolific "Jimmy Buffett Bandit," who is accused of robbing at least eight local banks in the past five months.

Seattle police arrested 44-year-old Richard Curtis Marsh Thursday evening inside a South Lake Union bank.

Police say Marsh entered the bank at 5:30 p.m. wearing a ski mask and armed with gun. He threatened a cashier and demanded money, but before he could make off with the cash a bank security guard walked up from behind and knocked the gun out of his hands, police say.

The two men scuffled, and the guard eventually overpowered Marsh and held him on the ground until police arrived. The gun turned out to be fake.

Ayn Dietrich of the FBI would not confirm any names, but did say the man arrested Thursday is the same man who has robbed eight banks in Seattle, Bellevue, Covington, Kirkland and Lacey since September.

Jeff Kappel of the Seattle Police Department confirmed that Marsh was arrested in Thursday's failed bank robbery.

Dietrich said local media began calling him the "Jimmy Buffett Bandit" because he often wore tropical print shirts, a long ponytail, a goatee and sunglasses during his robberies.