Police: Man exposed himself to girls near playground

SEATTLE - Parents of students at a West Seattle school are worried after an email sent by Holy Rosary School stated that a man exposed himself to three young girls, Monday afternoon.

Three 9-year-old girls were out in the school's playground around 1:15 p.m. when they noticed a large white SUV with it's door open, according to police. The man motioned for the girls to come over and as they approached, claim to have seen a man reclined in the driver's seat wearing no pants or underwear.

The girls ran back towards the school and police say the man drove off. Officers searched the area, but were unable to locate the suspect.

The suspect is described as "a white male in his mid to late 20s, with short dark hair and a heavy build," according to police.

"Students reported that a man was seen in a parked white vehicle with his door open," an alert sent by the school's office administrator read. "He was naked. It seemed to be a white SUV. Police have been notified. Staff have circled the area a number of times and the area is clear. Staff will be out at the end of school."

Police say the car was parked the wrong way on 41st Avenue SW, facing northbound on the west side of the street next to the playground. Officers are continuing the search.