Police make headway in crime spree near Seattle University

SEATTLE -- A stabbing and a string of shootings in and around Seattle University are raising fears and prompting police to publicly address these latest crime concerns.

Investigators say despite this surge of violence, they are making progress. Arrests have been made, more are expected and now Seattle police are teaming up with campus security to help keep students safe.

College senior Josiah Arteaga tries to focus on his studies, but like so many of his classmates, he's suddenly thinking twice about his own safety.

"It's always been really safe while I've been here," Arteaga said, "but I do know there have been some instances of crime lately in the last couple of weeks."

Seattle police are investigating three shootings in the span of a week - all just east of campus. The latest involved a man being shot in the chest - not far from where students gather.

"I know there was a shooting on jefferson, and that's where I wait for the bus," said law school student Katie Lohr.

Earlier in the week a man was shot in the leg, then someone peppered parked cars and homes with bullets. Seattle University responded by emailing crime alerts to all its students.

"We always get an email from our campus safety," said student Ryan Kennedy. "Every single time they (give) us tips about walking home, if you feel unsafe trust your instincts, stuff like that."

Especially concerning is an attempted robbery that ended with a student being stabbed. Campus security quickly coordinated with Seattle police to arrest three suspects. Two have since been charged in court and police say there's progress in other cases as well.

"With the shooting incident, investigators have very quickly moved on that. They've identified an individual of interest and that may lead to one or more (suspects) beyond that," said Seattle Police Capt. Mike Edwards.

Seattle police updated the community on where each case stands at a meeting on-campus Thursday night. Officers are also starting joint training operations with school security, and encouraging students to always be aware of their surroundings.