Police: Machete-wielding cyclist attacked Woodinville driver

SEATTLE -- A Woodinville bicyclist accused of attacking a passing driver with a machete now faces a felony assault charge.

King County prosecutors contend Colin Briganti slashed at the driver with a machete he'd slung off his bicycle after the driver passed him on a residential street near Cottage Lake. Briganti, 22, was later removed from his mother's home by King County deputies after refusing to come out on his own following the Sept. 10 incident.

Shortly after 5 p.m., the man was driving home when he pulled behind Briganti, who was riding in the middle of the residential street.

Speaking with King County investigators, the man said he came alongside Briganti and suggested he ride on the right side of the road. According to the man's account, he was concerned Briganti might be struck by a passing car; the sun's position made it difficult to see Briganti.

Irate, Briganti cursed at the man, according to charging papers. The driver pulled past Briganti, drove a short distance and stopped at his home.

Writing the court, a King County detective said Briganti stopped at the man's van and drew a machete that had been strapped to the frame of his bicycle. Briganti then swung it at the man, the detective continued, narrowly missing him.

According to charging papers, Briganti said "get out of my neighborhood" during the attack outside the driver's home. The alleged victim was born overseas and speaks with an accent.

The man called 911 and followed Briganti a short distance as he rode away. Investigators claim Briganti accosted the man a second time before reaching his mother's home.

Deputies arrived to find Briganti leaning out a window at the house. Aware that he had an outstanding warrant - he didn't appear in court for being charged with drunken driving - Briganti refused to leave the home, according to charging papers.

"Briganti told deputies that 'the guy' in the car was a 'mother (expletive)" who didn't know how to drive," the detective told the court.

Deputies ultimately forced their way into the home and arrested Briganti after shocking him with a stun gun. Investigators say a machete was found near where deputies subdued him.

Briganti has been charged with second-degree assault in King County Superior Court. He was booked into Snohomish County Jail on Wednesday.