Police: Issaquah teen may have sold sex, used underwear online

ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- An Issaquah mom made a shocking discovery when she looked through her 15-year-old daughter's cell phone as part of a routine check.

"They discovered some explicit photographs and messages between their daughter and some adults," said Cmdr. Stan Conrad with the Issaquah Police Department.

The evidence found on the teenager's iPhone included photos of the girl naked in the shower and texts where she discusses having sex in a man's car, according to court documents.

Police say the parents were blind-sided.

"They did not suspect anything up to that point," Conrad said.

There were also references to the teen girl selling her used underwear through Craigslist and discussions with men who wanted pictures of her taking them off. Detectives concluded it's possible the 15-year-old was engaged in prostitution.

Linda Criddle, an Internet safety expert based on the Eastside, often advises parents on the best ways to monitor their children's smart phone and social media use. She says moms and dads need to be very clear what activities are and aren't acceptable.

She also says they need to be aware of the privacy settings and should check their children's devices regularly.

"Not to snoop through everything they ever said to their friend in a drama, but to make sure that the bullying isn't going on, that the exploitation isn't going on," Criddle said.

Issaquah police are now trying to track down dozens of men who may have exploited this girl.