Police investigate double stabbings in downtown Olympia

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - Washington state troopers are investigating stabbings in downtown Olympia that have left two men hospitalized.

State Patrol Sgt. Jason Hicks said one man was in surgery Tuesday evening with life-threatening injuries while another was listed in serious condition. He said officers have not identified those men.

Hicks says it appears one man stabbed another during a Tuesday afternoon fight in Sylvester Park. The victim fled to a nearby train tunnel where officers found him and sent him to a hospital.

A witness who watched the entire incident unfold said he believes the fight was about money.

"The one guy told the other guy who owed him money that he was going to clean his clock, basically. So he started running away, and the other guy started chasing him and I guess he got stabbed," the man said.

Hicks says the other man tried to leave the park and board a bus but citizens who had been in the park followed him.

The Olympian reports that those citizens prevented the bus from leaving the stop. Hicks says at some point it was discovered that the second man had also been stabbed. However police weren't immediately sure when or how that happened.

Several streets were closed during the initial investigation.

Hicks said Tuesday evening there was no danger to the public.

The State Patrol is in charge of law enforcement in the park.