Police HQ evacuated after deliverty of decades-old suspicous device

PORT TOWNSEND, Wash. -- The Port Townsend Police Department Mountain View campus was evacuated Friday after a School District employee delivered a suspicious device found in a classroom back in the 90s, according to police.

The school employee told officers a student left the device, described as a pipe with caps on both ends, in a science classroom at Blue Heron Middle School two decades ago. It is unknown why the teacher at the time didn't report the device, but a school employee rediscovered it and decided to bring it to police.

The suspicious device was in the employee's vehicle, which also contains potentially dangerous science-related chemicals, such as acids and mercury, that were intended to be destroyed, presenting an additional hazard.

While the Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad was called it to dispose of the device, the Mountain View campus, which includes the YMCA, food bank, community pool and library, remained evacuated. Streets surrounding the Mount View campus are also closed.

The Bomb Squad eventually removed the device, which was found to contain some kind of powder, from the school vehicle and detonated it.

Police remind anyone who finds a suspicious device to leave it where they find it and call 911.