Police: Drunken Denny's patron threatened waiter with knife

SEATTLE -- Police say a "very intoxicated" Denny's patron hurled profane insults and taunts at fellow customers before threatening a waiter with a butter knife.

The 36-year-old customer wandered into a SoDo Denny's Wednesday at about 7 p.m. and immediately began harassing staff and patrons, according to police.

Police say the man, who has not been identified, ordered a meal and then walked around the restaurant taunting customers.

Despite his bad manners, police say restaurant employees allowed the man to eat his meal and pay before asking him to leave. When a waiter confronted the man and told him to move along, police say he grabbed a knife from a nearby table, held it up to the waiter and said, "let's go!"

Police say the obviously drunk customer finally agreed to leave, but changed his mind on the way out and got into another confrontation, which finally prompted employees to call the police.

When officers arrived they found the man sitting in the restaurant's front door, complaining that he'd been overcharged for his meal. He told police he had given his waiter $16 to pay for his $9 bill. Staff members checked and determined the man's bill was actually $12, and a manager gave the man his $4 change.

Police then hauled him off to jail on suspicion of harassment, unlawful use of weapons and trespassing.