Police: drunk, disgruntled clubgoer flashes crowd, pees on car

SEATTLE -- Police say a rowdy and highly intoxicated club patron was arrested early Saturday for indecent exposure after he flashed a bouncer and urinated on a parked car.

The 24-year-old man was kicked out of a Pioneer Square club just after midnight when a woman accused him of groping her.

After being escorted out of the business, police say the man immediately got back in line and tried to get back inside.

The doorman explained that the man was banned from the premises, at which point police say the clubgoer decided to unzip his pants.

Assuming the man was going to urinate on the building, the doorman ordered the man to pull up his pants and leave, according to police.

The man left on his own, but he didn't make it far. Police say he walked down the block and, in full view of club patrons and passing drivers, pulled down his pants and began urinating on a parked car.

A patrol officer happened to be in the area approached the man. The officer shined his flashlight on the man and told him to "put it away."

Police say the man responded with, "No, you put that away," before he turned around to flash the throngs of clubgoers once again.

Police arrested the man and booked him into King County Jail on suspicion of indecent exposure.