PNB's 'Cinderella' returns to McCaw Hall this weekend

To launch the 40th Anniversary Season and honor Founding Artistic Director Kent Stowell, Pacific Northwest Ballet's wondrous Cinderella returns to McCaw Hall.

Choreographer Stowell conjures rare enchantment from this best-loved tale by recalling Cinderella's long-lost mother in a tender memory scene and then returning her in the guise of Fairy Godmother. As if stepping between the pages of a beloved story book, the ballet's breathtaking beauty, in union with Prokofiev's evocative score, vividly illustrates the familiar narrative and supports a rich array of character rolesfrom silly step-sisters to tiny dancing pumpkins to a gentle, handsome prince.

And when her ivory carriage rolls to a stop at the entrance to a magnificent golden ballroom and Cinderella takes her first, shy steps into the midst of swirling, scarlet-clad dancers, all hearts go with her into this dream come true.

PNB will perform Cinderella Sept. 21-30. For tickets or more information, visit