Plumbing company facing lawsuit over spam text messages

SEATTLE -- A local plumbing company is facing a class action lawsuit over thousands of spam text messages.

The lawsuit claims Beacon Plumbing sent more than 43,000 illegal texts in an advertising campaign. The company could be forced to pay millions in penalties.

One alleged victim said he hopes the suit keeps unwanted ads off cell phones.

"Especially when you're paying for a service like cell phone service with text messaging, I think it'd be wonderful if they asked you first," said Jacob Barr.

In a Monday news release, Beacon Plumbing said the text messages were sent to existing customers by an out-of-state company that didn't have permission to send them.

Company officials say the lawsuit has no merit and the plaintiffs are trying to "manipulate the media."

"The actual damages to the plaintiffs, if any, are minimal. The amount of damages claimed by the plaintiffs defies common sense," the release reads.