Pike Place home to ghosts, ghouls, spooky stories

For the first part of Halloween Week, KOMO's Brian Calvert is taking us to some of the most haunted spots in downtown Seattle.

Today, he visits the Pike Place Market, where there are almost as many ghost stories as there are venders.

There have been millions of visitors over the many faces...and yet there are certain repeat visitors people around her know all too well.

"These stories are way to share the community, the culture, and the people who have been here," says Mercedes Yaeger, who has spent time at the market since she was a little girl.

Today, Yaeger and her group of storytellers take the curious all over the historic property during her Market Ghost Tours. Tonight, we get our own private audience with some of her friends. We hear about Mae, a longtime presence in the market, even 20 years after she died. Then, there are the stories of people seeing the ghost of Chief Seattle's daughter.

Guide Jim Pallotta says there's also the ghost of little Jacob, who's Jacob a mischievous one. Jim tells the story of a former bead shop at the market. All the beads were separated nicely into their own boxes when the store closed, but the next day, invariably there would be one or two beads moved to a different place. Jacob got the blame.

Watch the video above to hear more ghost stories from the Pike Place Market. And come back tomorrow for the final installment of this series. We actually captured sounds and video images that no one can seem to explain!

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