Photos: 'Plants vs. Zombies 2' takes over the Space Needle

Though you can't see it from below, the Space Needle has a new look -- and it wants to eat your brains.

Seattle-based video game developer PopCap, which was acquired by EA Games in 2011, took over the Space Needle today to celebrate the launch of their newest game, "Plants vs. Zombies 2."

"PopCap was founded in Seattle, and we're on 4th Avenue, so when we walk out, we see the Space Needle. So we wanted to team up with these guys [for the launch]," explains Jeremy Vanderhoozer, creative director of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise.

Vanderhoozer, who worked on the game with a team of 40 core developers over the course of almost two years, was on site at the Needle to answer questions and meet fans.

"We wanted to make the day special," he says of the decision to launch at the Space Needle, "and we wanted to give the developers a chance to have a moment with the game, so this just added up."

The public was treated to photos with the zombie, as well as complimentary posters to celebrate the launch, while members of the media were invited on helicopter rides to see the new decoration on the top of the Space Needle, which currently displays one of the game's characters.

The new game, says Vanderhoozer, is being given away completely free, though there are innovative paid options, as well.

"We give you fun ways to's not pay-to-win, like traditional pricing would be."

It's also a little different to play.

"It's like classic PvZ, but with lots of new stuff. New worlds, new plants, plus we've added the time-travel element," Vanderhoozen notes, adding that it's a "living game...we'll be updating it. We'll keep adding things to it."

Vanderhoozen also teased that there would be more to come at the Space Needle for "Plants vs. Zombies 2."

"We're going to team up again in the future...that's my official line," he joked.