Pastor: Church is 'wrong, stupid and evil' for anti-gay marriage stance

SEATTLE -- The pastor of the oldest church in Seattle is now coming to the rescue of the Pennsylvania pastor just convicted by the United Methodist Church of officiating his son's gay wedding.

Pastor Sandy Brown of the First Methodist Church calls what's happening in Pennsylvania unjust and unfair.

On Monday, a UMC jury convicted Pastor Frank Schaefer of performing his son's wedding in 2007. The largest Protestant denomination in the country accepts gays and lesbians, but they reject same-sex marriage and pastors are forbidden to performing same sex ceremonies. Schaefer now awaits sentencing which could include suspension or defrocking.

In response, Brown is calling on members to change the UMC's laws.

"The United Methodist Church is wrong, stupid, and evil on its stand on homosexuality," says Pastor Brown. "Everybody deserves to be a recipient of the ministry of the church."

Brown says he's performed several same-sex marriages and is planning to perform more in the coming months. He says he rejects the church's stance that marriage is a "union between one man and one woman." He also says he's willing to be charged himself.

A UMC spokesperson says that could happen if Brown continues.

"That is entirely possible," says Pastor Pat Simpson. However, she also says no pastors in Washington have ever been charged with performing a same sex wedding, adding, "a trial is very unusual."