Partying boaters, Kirkland residents try to coexist on Lake Wash.

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Boaters enjoying the beautiful weather are testing the waters of tolerance.

Some Kirkland residents who live along Lake Washington are pushing for more rules to muffle loud boat parties.

That's led to some conflict that's heating up on Lake Washington.

King County marine officers are patrolling for the kind of behavior that's been driving some Kirkland residents nuts.

Some boaters admit they like their music---loud sometimes.

And they enjoy rafting--that's when a whole bunch of boatsare tied up together for fun.

"We all come out here and enjoy summer, we all pay our taxes, these boats aren't cheap to have," boater Matt Curry said.

Curry says he and his friends do respect the rules and try to be courteous.

He's all in favor of Kirkland's boating noise ordinance, but he's worried proposed new rules against rafting go too far.

"The tying up was the biggest issue to fight against," he said.

Rules enforced with the threat of a fine do work, deputies say.

Deputies say the noise ordinance has dramatically changed the atmosphere in Juanita Bay.

"It would not be uncommon to see 100, 150 boats in the bay. Yesterday afternoon at any given time, there were no more than 15 boats," deputy Charile Akers said.

Alexis Bateen says as a boater, she understands why residents pushed for rules.

"If I was a homeowner and they played the music loud and in front of my home, I could see the complaint in that," she said.

Partying on the water is popular and perfectly legal.

Boaters are waiting to see just how far Kirkland will try to go to control it.